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Polly-Jayne here, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being young, skint and wanting to express myself through image, it is diversity is the key. This blog will hopefully encourage you guys to have fun with fashion and dare to be different.

At the moment, I believe it is all about wearing the best outfits at the most affordable prices. Use the high street, use vintage shops and markets, use boutiques and independents and take what you need from them all. Be aware of the trends and have fun with different looks, but know what suits your figure and how to wear outfits with confidence.

I see this space as a place to parade the clothes I have and love and to share the information I find related to fashion and style.

I currently work as a brand account manager at French Connection, presenting and selling the brand to stores around the UK. I am by no means biased towards this brand but as I own lots of French Connection items, you will see it featured in this blog from time to time.

I want to say a big thank you to my unlucky friends who get harassed to take pictures of me. I love you dearly and couldn’t have created this blog without you!

I will bring this page to life every week and give everyone the chance to comment.

Thank you for visiting Style Junkie!


2 comments to About Me

  • MezZ  says:

    Good luck =D xx

  • helen  says:

    ahhhh love it polly pins. check you out :) xxxxxxxxxxx

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