Push It To The Max

The sun has got his hat on, and so have I! I cannot tell you how relieved I am that summer has eventually arrived. Everybody has smiles on their faces. It is total bliss!

So this week’s post features as maxi skirt by Mina and a Fedora hat which is my new favourite accessory. I swiped it from the rag market in Birmingham for the grand total of £5. An absolute bargain! I have teamed my floaty nude coloured maxi with a simple black H&M vest. A must have in every girls drawer essential for outfits like this. I have further accessorized this look with a White Leaf looking glass necklace, which is very cute and kitsch and reminds me of Alice In Wonderland.

The Mina Maxi can be worn as a low slung maxi, as I haveworn it, or more of a high wasted midi, which is very up to date. It also comes in black and feels beautifully soft. So get the maximum look from your outfits in this hot weather with minimum effort. The maxi is so easy and so elegant. It is definitely maxi time!

I am also very excited to pronounce that I am now writing a column for Scene Birmingham magazine. Check out my latest post here.

And wear lots of suncream please peeps 😉


One comment to Push It To The Max

  • Mags  says:

    Loving the hat angel face! You look BEAUTiful! Will buzz you this weekend to chat about partaaaaaay times! Miss you xxx

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