Redial My Number!

This wicked little brand Redial sent me these super cute spring vest tops. They are fun throw ons for summer (when we get it – hurry up!) I find pieces like this really useful. You can pop them on over a bikini on the beach, sling them with jeans or tuck them into high waisted shorts.

This floral peach top is pastel perfect! I will be putting this with my mint green skinnys in summer! Floral is a timeless, popular, easy girly pattern. Im teaming it with my mint green Topshop, silver toe cap flats!

The red Polka dots are a cool, casual, retro inspired addition to your wardrobe. Just add red lipstick for instant glamour :)

You can see more from Redial on their facebook page.


4 comments to Redial My Number!

  • Mags  says:

    I want the peach floral one! Will check out their FB page sooooooon! You look fabulous as ever! :) xxx

    • stylejunkie  says:

      Thank you darling! Ah yeeeees they have some cute pieces, nice colored denim 2! Check it ooooout baby cakes!!!! xxxxx

  • Claire  says:

    Hi Polly – where did you get your leather jacket from?! I’ve been looking for one like that for ages and had no luck! Love the tops too x

    • stylejunkie  says:

      Hi Honey! That leather jacket is from River Island, I got it three years ago though! (wow) it is real leather though so has lasted forever. So I would recommend River Island as a high street option! Otherwise I know All Saints always do lovely ones. Xx

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