Strength And Courage In A Wonderbra


Wonderbra sent me this black Ulimate Strapless Bra last week. Thank you wonderbra! It may have changed the way I wear strapless dresses and tops for good!

As a 32DD I find it very hard to wear strapless shapes and still get the seamless, comfortable uplift I want. Luckily, this ‘wonderful’ design passes every test and comes up top titties! The unique hand prints embedded in the padding give me great support without digging in or rubbing. This strapless number passes the running, jumping and dancing tests without falling down, which every girl knows is rare! It looks sleek, classy and smooth under any fitted dress, Acting like one hell of a boobie trap!


So if you are planning a big night out, the wonderbra will stay up as long as you do!! My one criticism of the Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra would be that it can be quite tight around the chest for a 32, but it may need to be to stay in place. I would rate this bra 8/10 and to top it off, it looks great on my boyfriend! 😉

So my little boosom buddies, make sure you show off your ‘wonder-ful’ assests with strength and courage – in a wonderbra :) You can check out my review on the Republic website here.


2 comments to Strength And Courage In A Wonderbra

  • Mags  says:

    Oh my gaaaaawd you hottie! I did NOT see this post! I love it. Standing there in a bra but still looking like a classy lady. LUSH! And thanks for doing this….I will notify Wonderbra asap! Still need to do mine yet, just not sure how to go about it without looking trashy but you have done this soooo well.

    Love ya xxx

    • stylejunkie  says:

      Thank you gorgeous!!!!! x-x-x-x

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