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Welcome to Style Junkie, and a big thank you for coming and having a browse at all we have to offer.

This business started out as a small idea that we never thought would happen, however when the opportunity arose to invest in our brand, we took a leap of faith, and am glad we did as we can now share our passion for fashion with you all. 

We always try to add our personality in everything that we stock, being a stylish, on trend brand lead by a team of big personalities, we love being able to stock items of clothing that match our vibe. With avoiding the mainstream, chain store looks, we hand select the best and the most comfortable, edgy, stylish looks that every woman will love today. One thing that never changes is our huge love for our wardrobe must haves and the odd, bold out there item. We can honestly say that when it comes down to fashion, we have never been one to stick to what everyone else is wearing and when we find something we love we just can't say no.


Here at Style Junkie, we hope you find something you love, we aim to stock something for everyone as fashion in our eyes means different things to different people. It is also ever changing and we always want to make sure we have something for everyone.

Our brand is still very young and still in the process of growing, so watch this space.

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